Tips for Distinguishing an Antique

Let’s talk about antiques. When you were little, you may have had an aunt or a grandma who loved to go antique shopping. While you may have found it boring then, over time you probably found it more interesting to see these beautifully unique objects. Or perhaps you’ve just inherited all of their antiques and now you’re desperately attempting to learn more about them.

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“Downsizing” is often the term used to move from a larger home to a smaller one, and in the process, get rid of items that you’ve held onto for all too long. Eliminating belongings isn’t an easy thing to do for a lot of people. Belongings hold both sentimental and monetary value.

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Auction Process

What is the Auction Process?

When you hear the word “auction” you may think of an auctioneer standing up at the front of a room, talking rapidly, and accepting bids without missing a beat. Auctions are a system of buying and selling goods and services. Today, we’ll explain the process so you can better understand the practice of this type of sale.

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