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Consign with Blue Box  

Through innovative, experiential presentations, exciting live auctions, and an aggressive marketing plan, Blue Box Auction Gallery offers its buyers and sellers an unabashed celebration of that most fantastic, harrowing, and Innovative period in history known as the 20th Century.

For those who have spent a lifetime building a specific, themed collection of art and memorabilia, always lurking in the background is the daunting prospect of parting with your treasures.


Will they get scattered to the winds?


Will I get what it’s worth?


Will I ever have that prideful moment where I can share this passion with the world?

Collectibles Consignments

  • Trading Cards

  • Classic Cars

  • Comic Books

  • Stamps

  • Wine

  • Dolls and Toys

  • Antique Furniture

  • Vinyl Records

  • Movie/TV Memorabilia & More

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At Blue Box Auction Gallery, we understand these fearful questions because we’re avid collectors too! What we offer the apprehensive seller is what we call, ‘the exclamation point to the sentence of your collecting career!”


Our expert catalogers will research and very closely describe your items. If we have questions about the provenance or history, we will let you know. Simpson's high-quality cataloging and photography are unmatched in the business. Any repairs or restoration work that will help the pieces sell for their utmost will be recommended for your approval. Our professional photographers take multiple pictures of each lot that will all be available online to increase bidder confidence. Significant effort and expense are designated for online and print marketing of each of our auctions. Email notifications are sent to Simpson clients and we conduct many different marketing efforts to different channels to increase you're reached. 

Following the auction, invoices are sent to all the winning bidders and payments are collected.


We make full payment to our consignors of all completed sales 30 days after the auction by check or wire.