How Does Blue Box Auction Gallery Work?

We at Blue Box Auction Gallery are dedicated to handling everything from the sale or auction of a home and personal belongings, to packing, moving and ultimately selling at auction or private sale. We treat our customers with kindness and professionalism throughout the process, which has given us a solid reputation we continually strive to maintain. Our auctions are growing in popularity as we lead the way with new technologies that bring bidders from around the world to our live, local auctions. 

Simply put, we help turn your assets into cash, in a global market.  We use the rich history of competitive bidding with all the latest technologies to maximize dollars to our sellers. 

This is not a one size fits all world!  We consult with you to find out your needs and timeline. Then we build the best marketing solution for you and your situation. With proper exposure to a targeted market we get the results you want and deserve. 

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The Auction Process

We conduct auctions as needed for clients.   Typically monthly, we will have Estate Treasures auctions, with consigned goods, an estate, or a mixture of features.   


If you're selling, you have options and we are here to help!   


  • You can bring your items to us. If you bring your items to us we will charge a commission fee plus a lot charge to be included in the auction.  A “lot” means every time the auctioneer sells a lot, such as saying SOLD.  Sometimes they are selling a whole bedroom set and sometimes they will be selling just one couch.  Whatever they are selling is considered a “lot.” 

  • We also offer pick up service.  When we come to pick up your items the commission’s scale works much differently.  There is a small truck charge in the area, outside our local area, the truck charge will be more, and the commission rate is based on a sliding fee scale.  The scale is dependent on the total dollar amount that your items bring.  The more you sell, the better your commission rate. The other charges that you may incur is if you want us to pack the small items.  We will charge per box that we pack. 

  • Pool Tables and Grand Pianos will incur an additional moving expense by the seller.  These will be outlined in our contract and will be discussed in advance.   


  • Everything is sold to the highest bidder. There are occasionally reserve prices or set minimum prices, which are agreed in advance as outlined in the contract.  


How Do You Receive Payment As A Seller?

Payments are made available within 30 days, and often less, after your items are auctioned.  You can pick up your check, we can mail it, or pay by wire transfer in many cases. 


Items Blue Box Auction Gallery WILL NOT TAKE (because they just don't sell well): upright pianos, home model electric organs (except Hammond Model A, B & C Series), many floor model stereos (not all), remodeling /construction pull outs, upholstered furniture that is soiled, worn, torn, used mattress sets, drop side baby cribs, baby car seats, protected animal items, alcohol, medicines, assorted chemicals and chemical products, general type clothing and shoes, older model tv’s, older office machines, water beds, and older model exercise equipment.  

Current popular categories: Mid Century Modern, Danish Modern, Asian Modern, 1960’s Pop/Mod/Kitsch, Arts and Crafts/Mission, Industrial, High Style Contemporary/Designer Items. 


Selling Vehicles

The cost to sell a vehicle is a flat fee, charged whether you sell your vehicle or NOT, plus a small percentage.  You can put a reserve price on the vehicle.  We must have title (IN YOUR NAME) and keys to the vehicle before the auction.   


Blue Box Auction Gallery Fans, Friends  & Customers

We are connected with many web sites locally, domestically, and internationally.  Here are a few: 


We usually have thousands of eyeballs on an auction.   Come join the fun and excitement at a Blue Box Auction Gallery event!