Real Estate Auctions

We are committed to be the leader in the field of the accelerated marketing and sale of real estate via the competitive bidding method.  

We make the buying and selling process simple and stress free for all parties. #AuctionsWork

Yes, ZERO commission for you, the property owner.  6% of $350,000 = $21,000  That's an example of your savings by selling at auction, a home with that value. 

0% Seller Commission

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We commit to fulfilling your goals by always putting the client first, by remaining on the cutting edge of technology and education, by creating the market — not simply chasing the market, by always maintaining the utmost professionalism, by practicing top notch ethics, honesty, morality and obtaining FIRST CLASS RESULTS.  Let us go to work for you!

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Whether raw land, farm, residential, commercial, or industrial, our intense marketing efforts will target the right buyers to help you earn top dollar for your real estate asset.  

Real Estate Auction Myths


cannot get a mortgage for an auctioned property. 



must buy sight unseen, with no opportunity to see the property. Wrong.


must pay in full on auction day.  Wrong.


cost the seller more than the traditional 6% seller fee.  Wrong.


Let us explain to you the truth to these real estate auction myths and get your property sold to the highest bidder - with 0% seller commission!    

Real Estate Auction Facts!


use competitive bidding to earn the top market value. 



preview and evaluate the property on the seller schedule. Correct.


can mortgage the property with the bank of their choice.  Correct.


can be used to determine price on any real estate asset. 


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Sellers pay: 0% Seller Commission

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What's the process?


First, we gather information.  What are your goals?  Timeframe? Situational details? 

With 0% Commission


We craft a highly structured, advertising program (beyond the MLS) to saturate the market to find the highest bidder for your property. 

With 0% Commission

Auction Day

Plan, prepare, and execute an effective auction experience to bring top dollar for your real estate asset.

With 0% Commission

Close & Fund

You, the seller is in control.  You choose the timeline, terms, and realize the final sale according to your desires. 

With 0% Commission