Your Automotive Treasures Deserve the Stage

At Blue Box Auction Gallery, we recognize that collector vehicles are more than just means of transportation; they are rolling pieces of art, emblems of history, and symbols of personal journeys. Our team is passionately committed to showcasing your prized automobiles in a way that truly reflects their uniqueness and value.



Why Choose Blue Box Auction Gallery for Your Collector Vehicles?

Specialized Expertise in Collector Vehicles:

With a deep understanding of the collector vehicle market, our team offers specialized auction advice tailored to the uniqueness of each car. We ensure your vehicle is positioned to captivate the right audience.

Global Reach, Local Touch:

Our extensive network connects collectors and aficionados across the globe, while our personalized service ensures you are supported throughout the entire process.

Streamlined Consignment Experience:

We understand the intricacies involved in consigning collector vehicles. From initial evaluation to the final sale, we manage every detail with utmost professionalism and care, ensuring your vehicles are presented in the best light.



How to Consign Your Collector Vehicle with Us

Initial Contact:

Complete our tailored consignment form, specifically designed for collector vehicles. We welcome a variety of categories including classic cars, vintage models, and unique automotives.


Our specialists will assess your vehicle. We’ll discuss its historical significance, condition, and the most effective auction strategy.

Seamless Auction Preparation:

Once consigned, we handle professional photography, detailed cataloging, and targeted marketing, showcasing your vehicle’s unique story and features.

Sale & Payment:

Experience a transparent and efficient sale process. After your vehicle sells, receive prompt and secure payment within 30 days of the auction’s conclusion.




Get Started Today

Are you ready to turn your automotive treasures into celebrated success stories? Fill out our consignment form below and put your vehicle on the world stage.


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