Selling by Auction 

Blue Box Auction Gallery helps individuals and corporate entities sell their personal and business assets through a transparent and efficient auction process, ensuring maximum value and minimal stress. Our team of experts has years of experience in managing estate settlements, downsizing, and full asset liquidation, including fine art, collectibles, coins, vehicles, and more. 

Auction Categories

We are your one-stop-shop for all your personal and business asset selling needs. Whether you are downsizing, liquidating an estate, or selling personal or business assets, our team is here to help you navigate the process with ease. With our transparent and efficient auction process, you can be sure that you are getting maximum value for your items. Our extensive network of buyers and sellers ensures that your items are being marketed to the right audience, resulting in a higher selling price. So, whether you have a single item or an entire estate, Blue Box Auction Gallery is here to help you achieve your selling goals.

 Our experienced team of professionals has years of experience in managing:

Estate Settling 

At Blue Box Auction Gallery, we offer our expertise and experience to help make the estate settling process as smooth as possible. Our team has a proven track record of successfully managing estate settlements and helping families and individuals navigate this difficult time. We can assist with appraisals, inventory, and auctioning of estate items, leaving the property "broomswept clean" for the next phase. With our knowledge and professionalism, you can trust us to provide you with the guidance and support you need during this challenging time 


Downsizing with Blue Box Auction Gallery is easy as can be. Our team of expert appraisers and auctioneers has years of experience helping individuals and families remove items from their homes and sell them for market value or above. We understand that every situation is unique, and we work closely with our clients to create a personalized plan that meets their specific needs. We have a wide network of buyers and collectors, ensuring that we can achieve the best possible prices for your items. 

One-of-a-kind items and specialty collections 

Do you have a cherished collection that you've spent a lifetime curating? Parting with your collection can be an emotional experience, which is why we're here to help you earn top dollar for your treasures. Whether you have one exceptional piece or an entire warehouse full, we can connect you with avid buyers who appreciate your unique items and will bid as high as they can to own your treasures.  

Our expert catalogers will thoroughly research and carefully describe your items, documenting their provenance, historical information, and all relevant details. We'll recommend any repairs or restoration work that can enhance the value of your pieces, always seeking your approval. Our high-quality cataloging and photography are unmatched in the industry, with professional photographers taking multiple pictures of each lot that are all available online to increase bidder confidence.  

We dedicate significant effort and expense to marketing each of our auctions, sending email notifications to our customers and conducting multi-channel marketing and advertising campaigns to increase exposure. With Blue Box Auction Gallery, you can trust that your collection will be in good hands as we strive to help you achieve the best possible outcome.  




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Estate Treasures

Estate Treasures offers a variety of personal property items up for auction, including whole estates, antiques, collections, and a unique blend of items. If you have an entire estate or just a few pieces to sell, we're here to help. You can either sell your items to us directly or consign them for auction. Our buyers and bidders love the unique variety and assortment of treasures found at these Estate Treasures Auctions.




Uncommon Collectibles 

An Uncommon Collectible auction encompasses an entire catalogue of collectible items. Rare baseball cards, instruments, or an expansive doll collection fit into this category. You can either sell your items to us directly or consign them for auction. Our buyers and bidders love the collectible and rare qualities of the items found at these Uncommon Collectibles auctions.




Coins and Jewelry

A Coins and Jewelry Auction possesses an inventory of any precious metals and gemstones- either coins or jewelry. You can either sell your items to us directly or consign them for auction. Our buyers and bidders love the rare and luxurious assets that are found at these Coin and Jewelry auctions.




Antiques and Fine Art 


Fine Art auctions encompass a wide range of eras and mediums and is appreciated for its cultural significance, historical value, and aesthetic beauty. You can either sell your items to us directly or consign them for auction. Our buyers and bidders love the rare and luxurious assets that are found at these Antiques and Fine Art auctions.




Real Estate 

Our Real Estate division, SellWithZero, specializes in selling residential, commercial, and land for top dollar at auction. The auction process saves you thousands in traditional real estate fees. Visit our website today to see how selling your property by real estate is the best option for you.





The Business Equipment category covers everything from tractors to file cabinets. Bid on anything in these auctions for your business needs. Whether you're a farmer or a telemarketer, we can sell your inventory to those who need it for making their day-to-day functions run more smoothly.