What Is A Buyer’s Premium? 

A buyer's premium is a set percent that will be charged to the end of the invoice sale price. For instance, a 15% buyer's premium means you bid $100 on an item and win with that bid, the buyer’s premium will be a $15 fee added to the final winning bid price.  Your total cost for that item will be $115. Virginia tax law regulates that we charge tax on the total price, including the buyer’s premium. 

Blue Box Auction Gallery does charge a buyer’s premium at most auction events. Those premiums vary between each auction event and the bidding platform utilized or in-person bidding. 

What Forms Of Payment Are Acceptable? ​

Blue Box Auction Gallery accepts cash, Visa, AMEX, Mastercard, Discover at their auctions. Wire payments or ACH is also an option and is required for some auctions. We also accept major cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH & LTC. 

How Do I Bid At Auction? ​

You have options, but either way, it’s simple!  For live auctions, at the beginning of the sale, just visit the auction office to register and obtain your bidder number.  Identification will be required at your first auction.  When an item you’re interested in opens for bidding, then hold your bid number high so that the auctioneer will see you as you are bidding. Can’t understand how much is asked? Just listen closely to the auctioneer or ask a ring assistant. They will help you.  You don't need to be a pro, anyone is welcome to bid, even new bidders, we are here to help you.   ​

For online or simulcast auctions, follow the prompts online for each specific platform.  There will be a quick process to register for the auction and enter your information.  Then you can review the items and bid according to your interest, online, from anywhere in the world.   ​

Please remember, regardless of how you are bidding, your bid is a verbal contract between you and the auctioneer. If you are the high bidder and/or the auctioneer declares the item sold, it is now your item and your responsibility to secure the item and pay for it. ​

What Is Auction Day? ​

Auction Day is where the fun, energy, and auction happen.  Goods and money change hands and we connect buyers and sellers.  It's our passion.  We offer antiques, modern goods, estates, coins, comic books, sports cards, farm equipment, and many other items.  Auction Day is open to the public.   There will be an advance preview period to peruse the items up for auction also, typically the day before.  ​

Can I Set Minimums On Items That I Consign? ​

Blue Box Auction Gallery has extensive marketing efforts which will bring the right buyers to the auction.   For unique and high-value items, we do allow reserves to protect our client's consignors. ​

What If I Can’t Attend On Auction Day, But Want To Bid? ​

No problem.  Blue Box Auction Gallery conducts our auctions online, worldwide, and usually live in our 10,000 square foot gallery located in Virginia Beach, VA.  Connect on the appropriate platform for the auction you're interested in and bid on the items you like.  If you need help, just give us a call or visit us on site. 


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