The Buying Process 

We offer various bidding options, and the process is straightforward! For live auctions, you can register and obtain your bidder number at the auction office before the sale starts. You'll need to provide identification at your first auction. When an item you're interested in goes up for bidding, raise your bid number high to catch the auctioneer's attention. If you're unsure about the bid amount, you can listen carefully to the auctioneer or ask a ring assistant for help. Don't worry; we welcome everyone, including new bidders, and are always here to assist you. For online or simulcast auctions, each platform has a prompt to follow. You can register for the auction and enter your details quickly. Then, you can review the items and bid according to your interest online, from anywhere in the world. Remember, whether you bid live or online, your bid is a verbal contract between you and the auctioneer. If you're the highest bidder or the auctioneer declares the item sold, it becomes your responsibility to secure and pay for the item. 


Can I See What I'm Bidding On? 

A preview date is announced before every auction to give the bidder a chance to check the quality of the items they are bidding on. Come by in person, or ask for extra photos and videos. We believe in total transparency. (Watch time 1:29 seconds)


When Can I Pick-Up the Items I Won? 

Description about pickups, the answer is in the video and here. 


How Soon Will I Get my Items? 

Description about shippping, the answer is in the video and here. 



What is a Buyers Premium? 

A buyers premium is an additional payment to the hammer price, usually 20%, that gives the consigner security. (Watch time 2:01 seconds) 


How to use the website? 

Description about the website here, the answer is also in the video.