Legends of the 1950s & 1960s “The Mick”

Mickey-mantle (1)

Mickey Mantle is one of the true legends of baseball history. He played two thousand four hundred and one games for the New York Yankees from 1951 until 1968, hit a record eighteen homers in twelve World Series, and was placed in baseball’s Hall of Fame in 1974.

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Blue Box Featured: Wax Packs & Boxes

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Some collectors never open their wax packs with the resale market in mind, but others genuinely love the sense of mystery that comes from not knowing which cards they have. An unopened box could be full of duds or contain multiple treasures—why do you have to know?

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Baseball’s Most Infamous Error Card

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If there’s one thing that 1989 Fleer baseball cards are known for, it’s controversy.

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