Blue Box Auction Gallery Cryptocurrency Acceptance

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Blue Box Auction Gallery is making its journey into the world of cryptocurrency by accepting Ethererum (ETH), the currency of the Ethereum network, Bitcoin (BTC) & other major coins. This will allow our bidders to be given more financial flexibility in choosing how they choose to pay for their winning bids.

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Blue Box Featured: The Watercolor Fine Art Process

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Its popularity can perhaps be credited to the fact that it is quite simple to start creating an artwork using this technique, as all one needs is the paints, paper, and the motivation to create in this enchanting medium.

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Consigning Art to Sell at Auction

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An art collection is an asset class that should be carefully considered in any estate plan, especially if there is more than one beneficiary. In those situations, estates are often liquidated, with the cash then being split among the beneficiaries, and/or being used to pay off estate taxes. However, when someone passes, dealing with the complexities of selling off an art collection is rarely top-of-mind — when you’re grieving, the last thing you want to think about is, “how should I sell this art?”

If you have a serious art collection, or have a parent with a serious collection, consigning to auction is a tried-and-true method of liquidating those assets.

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